Digital Design

Transforming your ideas into stunning reality

At Lollystick, we understand the importance of design. It’s not just the way something looks – it’s also about how it works and how it makes people feel. From designing your new website or reskin your old website to developing marketing material and corporate stationery, we are here to provide you with imagery that has impact and consistency, across all your electronic and print media.

We understand the importance of your overall image, not only to catch your customers’ eyes, but also to influence how your company is perceived and how you interact with your customers. We offer a complete range of design services to support all your visual communication needs. Our friendly, no-fuss service provides you with quality design at an affordable price.

How We Can Help

Website Design

Let us lead you through our tried and tested design process so that you have control of how your new bespoke website will look from the outset.

User Experience (UX)

Our logical user-centric design considers what your users want, what they need and how to get them there.

User Interface (UI)

Through innovative design, wireframe layouts and visual elements we can influence how your users feel and interact with your website.

Graphic Design

We use visual compositions to solve problems and communicate your ideas through form, typography, imagery and colour.


Sometimes our projects need a little extra artistic flare to relay a concept or add extra style.

Logo Design

We know that your logo is the core of your brand identity and that it will have a lasting impact on how you are perceived by your target audience.


Sooner or later the time comes when a brand change is necessary. We will sympathetically apply our expertise to keep your brand current.

Print Media

We create all things printed from brochures to business cards, shop signs to promotional goods.

Free Consultation

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