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Is Your Website Responsive?

With the easy availability of Smartphones and other devices, the use of internet has shifted greatly from PCs to hand-held, making it imperative that all online businesses have a responsive website compatible on all devices types.

Why responsive website design is so important

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The search engine giant Google clearly indicates what you should do for search engine optimisation, out of its numerous suggestions on how to obtain high rankings, one of the preferred is using responsive website design. It becomes far easier for search engine robots to crawl and index a particular website if a single URL is used through responsive design rather than a seperate mobile website. This also proves to be a great help as it reduces the on-page search engine optimisation errors.

A Better User Experience Results in Reduced Bounce Rate

Various features are offered by a responsive website when accessed on a mobile device, replacing the usual banner menus with sliding mobile menus or scaling text and images appropriately. Nonresponsive websites tend to have considerably larger bounce rates from mobile users and as such tend to perform much worse overall.

Easier Maintenance

Previous methods of a separate mobile site made maintenance a real pain, with updates frequently required across both sites resulting in unnecessary expense and wasted time. Responsive websites function as a single website that adapts to any screen as required.

Even a small negligence from your side will harm a website and increase the bounce rate. In this world of fast-paced tech development responsive web design has become an absolute necessity for your online business. Want to have a currently existing site made responsive? Get in touch to discuss options!

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