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The Best Tools For Email Marketing

When considering which effective tools for email marketing are out there, MailChimp, Aweber and Constant Contact immediately spring to mind as being popular, effective tools that are also very easy for the user to grasp.


As a pioneer in this field, Aweber is probably the largest, and offers a superb tutorial that really eases the learning curve and helps you master the skills required. Also, it offers a large number of templates which will spice up your emails and leave them looking great before you send them out.

Constant Contact

Another great tool for email marketing is Constant Contact. The company has been around for a fair while and, also, you can take up a free trial for 30 days to see if you get on with the program and it fits in with what you need, etc. Constant Contact is another option that offers many templates to add a bit of zing to your email marketing.


If you want something that’s interspersed with humor throughout the comments and the directions, informal yet informative, and free of charge, then you’ll probably find MailChimp a great choice for your marketing campaign.

These three tools for email marketing are all superb if you want to build a list and then send out emails in sequence to promote your service or product. They will give you a host of functions, including those that let you know who has opened the email and what actions they might have taken at that stage. Also, what are the steps required to move them along, these already being part of your sales process.

As an example, if you would like to email out a series of sales letters to promote your product to people on a list containing 5,000 names, then each of the programs will let you do this. In the first instance, this list has to contain the names of people who have agreed to receive marketing material from you. You can get this started through your existing customer list to whom you mail free offers, etc, already.

A link in the emails should give people the option of removing themselves from the list if this is their preference, and the programs can keep track of things like this. You have to set up the emails to go out on certain dates, in sequence, and then create separate letters to be sent out with each of the emails on those dates. When the sending has started, the program will do the rest and send everything out on the dates that you set them up to go.

These are such great tools because you really can set it and then forget it, as the process takes care of itself, subject to you making the odd small tweak along the way. As the campaign unfolds, the people on your list will be getting your emails at the times you set, and hopefully your copy will be good enough to give you a very successful campaign.

Compared to traditional marketing by regular mail, email marketing enables the marketer to be much more effective. By placing the process on automatic, the marketer is able to create more marketing campaigns in the same space of time without having to spend time tending each step along the way. Aweber, Constant Contact and Mailchimp truly among the best tools for email marketing.

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